Self PORTRAITS with your dog - online course

Do you want to capture intimate moments with your dog or have the skill to always be able capture a great memory of the two of you when you're out and about? Then self-portraits are for you! You'll learn how to take the best and most authentic self-portraits with your dog in this video course. I'll explain how I approach the topic, give you all the tips and take you along to take photos in detail!

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In this video training, I'll take you with me into the world of self-portraits with your dog. In over an hour, I'll explain everything you need to know to take very special pictures of you and your dog - without any help! You’re coming with me taking self-portraits with my dog ​​Kenzy in the forest. I show you how we do it, explain what we’re doing and what the results are. Of course, this includes settings, equipment and - because they're part of it - some fails (but also how you can save them). 🙂

To start with, I'll tell you why I love taking self-portraits with my dog ​​and what this time together and the photos mean to me. Then we'll dive into everything important in the whole process. How you really can capture you and your character, how to deal with frustration, which poses are possible and why poses are helpful, what equipment you need, which settings I use and recommend, and so many more tips and tricks that will help you experience and capture wonderful moments with your dog!

Self-portraits are the most beautiful way to capture yourself and your dog: intimate, authentic and with all the emotions.

What you'll learn in the self-portrait course:

What you'll get:

• 1 video to download (over 1h) in .mp4 format

• An exclusive look behind the scenes as I take self portraits with my dog ​​Kenzy

• PDF with an overview of the time stamps of the chapters in the video

• BONUS: Posing guide for your pocket (digital on your mobile phone)

We'll discuss:

• What’s special about self-portraits, why we want to take self-portraits with our dogs and what is important to consider.

• Which poses are possible and how you can achieve better results with poses without it looking stiff.

• How your dog looks at the camera.

• How to deal with frustration and make the whole thing a positive experience for you AND your dog.

• What equipment you need, which lenses I prefer to use, which camera settings I use and which are suitable or not and why.

• 4 methods to trigger your camera remotely and their advantages and disadvantages.

• How I work with Kenzy and how we create unique self portraits.

Captured during the course

Self portraits

Learn how to take your own self portraits!

"Lost & Found" - One of my absolute faves with a lot of depth

A very funny moment between the both of us

"A moment of peace", which is exactly what I felt this morning

Want to take your own business images? No problem!

The first day on our second tour

The first morning on our first Van Tour!

A very spontaneous shoot in the early morning

Even darker times hold special memories

July 2022

May 2022

Ende Juli 2022

This was the very first Self portrait in May 22

Not 100% sharp but I still love it

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Important userinfo:

To be able to follow the exact steps i do in the video, you need the current lightroom and photoshop version. The video was recorded in lightroom classic 2023 and photoshop 2023. The knowledge can be transfered to older versions and similar programs, the program interface can differ from what you see in the training. Adobe Lightroom Classic/CC, Photoshop and Topaz photo ai aren't included in the package and need to be available or purchased separately. you will get a .mp4 format which can be played on every mobile device, windows-pc (e.g. vlc-media player) and mac-os (e.g. quick time player). you are purchasing a digital product which made available by a downloadlink. Because of the immediate delivery via mail (except for SEPA payments, which can take up to 6 business days ), there is no right to return.

please check your spam po box. If you do not get a mail from elopage within a few minutes after the purchase or if any other technical issues appear, please contact me via mail you will get an automatic invoice. please note that the download link is only valid for 72 hours, please save the files on a hard drive or in a cloud service. A circulation to unauthorised third persons is not allowed and will be prosecuted.

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