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"Flower magic" - Full Workflow editing tutorial

My first English editing tutorial in which I show you my WHOLE EDITING WORKFLOW in Lightroom and Photoshop. Together we will edit a flower photo from the RAW to the final edit. I'll take you with me every step in my editing workflow and show you how you can save a boring picture and turn it into a masterpiece!

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My whole workflow, to turn a boring picture into a masterpiece!

This training is for you, if you want to learn how I edit my photos. I will show you every single step from choosing the right images to edit, make basic adjustments in Lightroom over to fill gaps, merge photos, retouch the dog and surroundings, change colors and make final touches in Photoshop.

In over 2 hours I will show you every tool I use and all of the adjustments I make during my editing process. I am explaining everything in tiny steps, that everyone can follow along, even if you are a beginner. You can watch the video as often as you want to and recap every step. You get the RAW files so you can work along. That way you can internalize all the info and implement them into your workflow.

I will show you my process with a RAW format file captured with a mirrorless camera. But every technique and all the knowledge can be transferred to every other picture format. That way you can convert my process to your images, even if you're not shooting in RAW (even if I highly recommend doing that) or also in programs that are similar to Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

used programs:

Adobe Lightroom 2023

Adobe Photoshop 2023

What you can expect:

This is what you get:

• 1 Video with a duration of. 2:09 h in .mp4 format

• My own photoshop Action to sharpen your images with only one click

• All RAW files, to follow along the video step by step and learn as much as you can

BONUS: PDF file with an overview over the time stamps of the editing steps in the video

I'll explain to you:

• Every important aspect of my workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop

• Which steps I do in lightroom and photoshop and why I do them

• How you can fill big gaps in a picture by merging several pictures and create every picture you imagine

• How to change a unflattering greens into a soft brown and remove distractions in the background

• Every single step, I'm doing in my editing process and the system I built for myself:

1. Step: Basic adjustments in Lightroom (Filemanagement, Basic light and color adjustments, synchronize adjustments)

2. Step: Sharpen the picture and DeNoise it with Topaz Photo AI and how I use it

3. Step: Retouching in Photoshop (Add flowers from a different picture, fill in gaps, remove pathway, retouching the dogs fur, remove collar,…)

4. Step: Make a detailed selection of the dog and it's fur

5. Step: Shape the light in Photoshop (curves, brightness/contrast, levels)

6. Step: change colors in Photoshop (turn green into brown, work out the right color of the fur)

7. Step: Dodge & Burn, edit eyes

8. Step: insert lights, gradients and add plasticity in the picture

9. Step: final touches and glow & prepare and export photo for print and social media

Before & After

This is the before and after comparison of the photo we will edit together in the workflow training !

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Important userinfo:

To be able to follow the exact steps i do in the video, you need the current lightroom and photoshop version. The video was recorded in lightroom classic 2023 and photoshop 2023. The knowledge can be transfered to older versions and similar programs, the program interface can differ from what you see in the training. Adobe Lightroom Classic/CC, Photoshop and Topaz photo ai aren't included in the package and need to be available or purchased separately. you will get a .mp4 format which can be played on every mobile device, windows-pc (e.g. vlc-media player) and mac-os (e.g. quick time player). you are purchasing a digital product which made available by a downloadlink. Because of the immediate delivery via mail (except for SEPA payments, which can take up to 6 business days ), there is no right to return.

please check your spam po box. If you do not get a mail from elopage within a few minutes after the purchase or if any other technical issues appear, please contact me via mail you will get an automatic invoice. please note that the download link is only valid for 72 hours, please save the files on a hard drive or in a cloud service. A circulation to unauthorised third persons is not allowed and will be prosecuted.

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